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Junk removal and hauling in Portland


Junk Removal Portland


Our locally owned Portland junk removal service has a crew of insured professionals in junk removal and hauling. As a result, you win with Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal evrytime you book for junk removal. Uncle Johnny’s Junk removal has been providing outstanding services to our satisfied Portland customers for years, for instance. We treat Portland and our customers like family because Portland will always be our family.

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Portland Clean Out


Let’s be honest Portland, when we are looking to clean out a room or building we all appreciate a quality service. In addition Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal is customer service friendly and very pleasant to work with. When scheduling for a company to come out to your home or place of work and clear out your garage or basement in Portland consider hiring Uncle Johnny’s to help clear out your junk items. You receive 100% dedication to be in and out as quickly but carefully as possible when you book with Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal.

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Knowing exactly how to help our Portland customers makes your experience with our service a breeze and allows us to come and go for your trash or junk pick-up without you having to lift a single finger. Just let us know what needs to go and we’ll take care of the rest. Your trash or junk pick-up will be loaded and ready to be out of your way in just minutes.

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Junk Removal Pricing

Every job is unique and requires special in-person examining for proper estimations. Once you schedule your free no-obligation estimate at your most convenient date, Uncle Johnny’s sends a team of their best junk haulers to come out to you and assist you with whatever junk removal & hauling services you needs. Pricing is done on-site during your free in person estimate.

Why Portland Junk Removal Customers Love Us


Our customers not only love us for the politeness and expertise in the junk world, they love us for our role in helping keep our land clean. We do this by donating and recycling what we can to ensure a new home for items that we can re-purpose. Donating and recycling ensures our customers that their items will end up in their proper destinations and not out in the streets of our beautiful city.

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