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Junk Removal Pick Up For Dump Near Me


What Is Junk Removal Pick Up?

If you searched for “junk removal pick up near me” you ended at the right company. We usually are able to do same day trash and junk pick ups. Scheduling a free junk removal estimate or Pick-up is super easy. First we book an appointment for your junk removal pick-up at your most convenient time and date. Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal will send the best of our crews that are near by to personally come out and provide you with an in person no-obligation  estimate. Whether it’s a single mattress pick-up or a full garage clear-out, we will carefully remove and properly dispose of all your unwanted items without you having to lift a single finger.


Schedule a free junk removal pick-up estimate 

Trash pick-up

When it comes to the junk removal world each trash pick-up is unique and different. We have made a point of being well equipped to work in all conditions and on projects of any size. Whether it is a single trash pick up or a regular house clear out. We schedule your free no-obligation trash and junk pick up estimate at your most convenient time. Once we arrive you simply point away and let us know what is to be disposed of and what is not.

Junk & Trash Pick Up

Have your trash and junk pick up scheduled for the same day or have us return at a later date. Uncle Johnny’s crew will size up the junk items that you have for pick up to see what price bracket you are in. Once our price has been approved on the trash or junk pick-up we can start hauling your items away there on the spot or return for a later date and leave you with a written final estimate which is good for 30 days. After we have successfully finished loading up your junk on to our truck we than return to our warehouse where we properly sort through the items to determine where it is being hauled off to next. We typically hit the nearest donation center, recycling center, or finally the local transfer station where the items are than sorted and properly disposed yet another round.



State National Insurance Company, Inc.

Policy#: NXTQ8M8YSU-00

$1,000,000 Coverage Policy

Uncle Johnny’s is a licensed and insured junk removal service near Beaverton Oregon and all of the Portland Metro area.

Nearby cities where we serve and provide junk removal:


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