Junk Clean Up Of Trash Or Furniture

Clean Out Junk And Clutter

Clean out Junk and clutter with Uncle Johnny’s Junk pickup service. Getting rid of clutter can end up being more of a difficult task for some homeowners who have plenty on their agenda to begin with. Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal can help clear out any clutter and haul away your furniture for you. Our crew does all the heavy lifting and will take the proper safety measures when working through and around your house. Uncle Johnny’s will carefully load up the items that you’d like for us to dispose of and safely haul away the load to the proper locations. We often donate and recycle eligible items to help avoid adding to our landfill.


Junk Clean Out Near Me

Junk clean up is our mission with commercial & residential junk removal. We enjoy when  cleaning up junk around The Portland Northwest helping it remain beautiful. We provide you with a junk removal service that will free up your space of unwanted junk items or furniture. Regardless if the pile of junk is in your home or place of business. We will make it all dissapear. We pride ourselves in recycling and donating as much as possible. So we make sure to properly dispose of all items to help and keep our planet nice and clean of junk and clutter. Therefore Uncle Johnny’s Junk removal safely hauls these items to it’s final destination like the local donation center or transfer station.

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cleaning junk and trash with Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal

We Clean Up Junk

Uncle Johnny’s cleans up all junk, trash and furniture around the Portland areas. First we get you on to our schedule for a free no obligation estimate. Next, we come out to your location at no additional cost where we provide you with the most fair pricing possible. Once we agree on pricing Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal will do all the heavy lifting for you. The last thing we do is safely haul and transport your trash or furniture to it’s final destinated location such as our nearest donation center or transfer station. Last but most certainly not least, Uncle Johnny’s Junk removal always does an awesome job of leaving our customers satisfied and with a big smile. We make it easy to use our service to give our customer the best junk removal experience possible. Call or book online through our website.

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