Garage Clean Out of junk & clutter

Garage Clean out

First thing to do when cleaning out your garage is to schedule your junk pickup with Uncle Johnny’s. Clean out your garage and dispose of all junk with Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal. If you would like to have us out for a free estimate and possibly see how we clean out a garage in minutes, schedule your free no obligation estimate. As a result, you will get our awesome insured professional team out to carefully and efficiently remove all the selected junk items. Give Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal a call and let us assist you with cleaning out your property.


Remove my junk out of my garage

Clean out your garage and get rid of that junk in minutes. If you need to get rid of old junk or trash in the garage contact Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal to book. However, Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal holds a great reputation when it comes to carefully and thoroughly hauling junk out from your property. In addition, our customers are always left with joy when they get to enjoy their empty space in their garage yet again. Maybe you just can’t seem to spot your car inside of your garage anymore with all the unused stuff stacked inside of it. You name it we take it. 



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Garage Clean out

How To Clean Out Your Garage

Clear out your garage and dispose of all junk with Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal. We can clean out a garage  in minutes. For instance, if you have junk in your garage that you would like to have gone just give us a call. As a result, one of our junk removal teams will come out and carefully remove the junk out of your garage efficiently. Portland junk haulers are based out of NW Portland in Beaverton and travel around the Portland metro area providing quality junk removal services for our customers.


How to get rid of my junk in the garage

Portland your garage clean out project could be extremely labor intensive. That’s for Uncle Johnny’s to decide. Whether it takes us 30 minutes or several hours to clean and load your stuff up, you will not be charged with any additional labor costs. Your fee will only be based off of how much space your junk will take up in our trucks. It’s all about volume. Only takes a call/text or e-mail to have Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal Portland come out to get rid of your garage junk out and leave you with all the free space as a result.

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