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Clean out garage

Remove your junk items with Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal and have your garage cleared out in minutes. We remove it all from an old mattress to couches and even do hoarder house clean outs. If you have any junk removal needs and would like our assistance you can always call or book online to receive $10 off a full truck load of junk.


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Junk Removal Customers

Our customers love us but not as much we love them. Schedule your free no obligation estimate appointment and save $20 on a full truck load when you book online. We receive Five Stars every time because our professional junk haulers provide you with the best service here locally in the Portland Metro Area. The process is simple first you schedule your free no obligation estimate if you agree to the price we give you for the items you have we simple make your junk disappear and relocate it to an appropriate new home such as a recycling center or donation programs. Let us know how we can help you.

Garage Junk Removal & Clean-outs

Is your Garage too full that you can’t fit your vehicle in it anymore because of all the junk? Moving out and have no time to clear out the house or garage but no time nor muscle for it?


Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal provides you with a free no obligation estimate on the items you need removed. The items are safely hauled off and properly disposed of.

Give us a ring or set up your free junk removal estimate online. Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal hauls off just about everything and anything except for any hazardous materials. No matter what the situation is we get it done. We deliver speedy results with competitive rates. We value & respect our clients and their needs.  Call us today if you want your garage, office, or the whole building cleared out.

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How to recycle your couch

For a lot of Oregonians figuring out what to do with a couch you no longer need may seem like a headache but that will soon change after reading this post.

First step into How to properly get rid of your junked couch is to give Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal a call and have them come out and remove your Couch before your new furniture is delivered.

Step two requires you two simply point to the item being removed so that Uncle Johnny’s crew can size up the item and provide you with the best estimate possible, pricing is based on volume and how much space your item takes up in our Service truck.

Final step is to watch Uncle Johnny’s crew load up your Couch and drive away to the nearest or most convenient donation center where it will be repurposed.

Give Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal a call, we are always on the other end waiting to help.

Fact is there are many ways to properly dispose of your old furniture. Of course recycling is our favorite but there is also re-purposing, selling and of course donating them. The true issue here is that many people are unaware of these options.

More than likely we have all seen that ugly random couch left out on the side of the street or in your apartment complex trash area. Not only is that illegal in most states, it’s also unsightly and hazardous. Obviously not the best way to get rid of your old furniture.

Americans spend over $120 billion on new furniture every year. Now this leads to a vast amount of “old”, or discarded furniture as a result along the way. People do not have the desire to keep or hold on to their old junk around, figuring out what to do with their unwanted items jumps straight to the top of their priority list.

Getting rid of old furniture and junk items does not need to be stressful. That is why going with an eco-friendly junk removal company is very important. Not only do you get to sit back and point to what you want to disappear, you receive the peace of mind knowing that your furniture will be properly disposed of by either donating, recycling, re-purposing, re-sale, and finally hauled of to the transfer station.

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Junk Removal and Hauling in Portland

Everyone needs a dependable waste removal service to keep their property clean and clutter-free. Whether you’re remodeling, redecorating, or getting ready for new tenants, Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal-Portland offers a wide range of professional, eco-friendly junk hauling services to help you properly dispose of your waste. If you’re human chances are you have plenty on your plate and we’d like to make your life easier.

We pick up and donate, recycle, or dispose of outdated furniture, construction waste, and discarded equipment or fixtures. Best of all, we’ll provide a donation receipt for any furniture or fixtures we are able to donate to local charities on your behalf.

Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal-Portland offers complete, friendly junk removal for your home or business including construction sites, offices, retail locations, construction sites, etc. Aside from hazardous materials, we will haul away just about anything! We donate and recycle what we can so that your junk doesn’t go to a landfill. Our professional haulers are trained to quickly and efficiently remove all types of household and commercial items so they can provide you with the best service possible.

Refrigerator Removal

Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal is your full service company for Refrigerator removal and recycling in the Portland Metro Area.

Carrying a refrigerator  yourself can be dangerous so leave it up to Uncle Johnny’s to do the heavy hauling and help you reclaim your space.

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Uncle Johnny’s will evaluate the condition of the fridge and if it is in good enough shape we will donate it to a local charity or church group and if it is not up to standards we will take it to the local recycling center. Uncle Johnny’s is stationed in the Portland area and is insured to come into your home and haul your appliance away. So when your next refrigerator goes out, you now know to call Uncle Johnny’s for your refrigerator removal and recycling in Portland.