Mattress Pick-up

Mattress Pick-Up Services

Mattress pick-up services in Beaverton, Oregon. Got a new mattress and need your old one disposed of? A quick and affordable choice is Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal, we can remove and dispose of your mattress at a reasonable price. We provide quick free estimates and will remove your mattress the same day. Our company will pick up many types of mattresses including mechanical, waterbeds, California kings, you name it. We can provide any type of bed removal service.

Bedding Pick-Up Service

In addition to disposing of your mattress, we can haul away your bed framing, with no junk left behind. Uncle Johnny’s will simply inspect your items, provide your FREE estimate and remove all unwanted items in a timely manner. We will donate as many things as possible to avoid more landfills in our community.  Mattresses and framing if in good condition can be donated with no hesitation. Apart from bed removal, we can provide pick-up services for other items in your home too. When removing mattresses or frames we can throw away headboards and household furniture. If we are at your location providing you a free estimate we will quote you any additional junk lying around your home. That could include couches, futons, kitchen appliances, and much more, just let us know what you’re wanting to get rid of!

Easy Mattress Pick-up Services

After a long day of buying a new mattress, you want to enjoy a good night’s rest. Leave it up to Uncle Johnnys Junk Removal to help with that. All you need to do for a mattress pick-up service is one phone call away.  Upon calling we will schedule you for an in-person free estimate. Our crew team will drive out to you, look at al listed items wanting to be disposed of, and haul them away the same day. Hassle Free! Let us take care of your mattress removal needs.