Household Junk Pick-Up and Furniture Removal

Junk Hauling

Household Junk Pick-Up

Household Junk Pick-Up and Furniture Removal Services. Household junk removal with us is simple and easy. First, give us a phone call to a schedule your free estimate with no obligation to you whatsoever. The next step in the process to receiving a household furniture pick-up is to have Uncle Johnny’s out for the estimate and carefully remove all of the junk items out of your home for safe hauling. The final step for removal is to complete payment and enjoy your free space once again.

Haul Your Furniture

Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal will take the time to haul away your household junk items to their proper destined locations. We are a convenience based company that chooses to recycle and donate as much as possible to reduce the amount of unnecessary pile up at the transfer stations. Things that determine where the items get hauled to are such as their condition or if they are recyclable. We gladly provide you with a household junk pick-up and carefully remove the furniture out of your home in minutes. We will than safely haul away the junk items to their new home wether it be a recycling center, donation center, or the nearest transfer station.

We haul Junk and furniture at Fair Prices

Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal does everything right when it comes to hauling junk and furniture. Unlike our competitors we go the extra mile and half to make sure our customers are satisfied with our junk removal service. We provide hauling services in Washington County, Oregon but travel around other counties as well and provide free estimates year round. We strive to provide you with fair and reasonable prices that wont clean-out your bank account. Uncle Johnny’s gives an outstanding service each time we show up to a household junk pick-up with our boots tied and a friendly smile in uniform.