Estate Cleanout: How It Works and What Does It Cost?

How much does an estate clean out cost?

Estate cleanout pricing is the question asked the most by our customers at Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal & Services. In order to determine estate cleanout prices many factors need to be taken into consideration. Time spent can also potentially be stressful for family members to spend on a cleanout of an estate.

Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal offers home clean-out services for flat rates based on load size:

  • Minimum is $80
  • 1/3rd Truck Load is $140
  • 1/2 Truck Load is $200
  • 2/3rd Truck Load is $280
  • Full Truck Load is $400

Our trucks will fit up to 6 cubic yards of furniture, appliances, office equipment and much more. Pricing listed here are rates for our Beaverton estate removal service as of 02/03/2022 and are subject to change. Call for current pricing, 503-567-9668.

Estate Cleanout with Uncle Johnny's

Whole House Cleanout

The process of a whole house cleanout and removal is easy and pretty straight forward with Uncle Johnny’s. The first thing that we do when it comes to a whole house clean-out is to get you all set up with a free junk removal estimate. At no cost to you, Uncle Johnny’s will then come out to your property or estate and thoroughly inspect all of the items set aside for removal. What we look for when sorting through any junk piles is for multiple possibilities such as a personal belonging that a customer may have misplaced, or items that we do not accept. Last but not least once the estimate is complete our fast junk removal crew will carefully go through and load up your clutter for a safe hauling.

How to schedule a free House Cleanout estimate

First thing to do when scheduling your free junk removal estimate is to either call us @ 503-567-9668 or book online. You will then speak with one of our representatives at Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal who will get you on to our schedule at your most convenient time. Our junk team can answer any of your questions you may have relating to junk hauling  or your appointment. Our junk crew will confirm a time and date where both parties are available for the junk removal project to be completed. Finally on the day of your junk removal appointment our truck team members will give you a call ahead about 30 minutes before they coome out to carefully remove your junk and haul it away.