Junk Removal Customers

Our customers love us but not as much we love them. Schedule your free no obligation estimate appointment and save $20 on a full truck load when you book online. We receive Five Stars every time because our professional junk haulers provide you with the best service here locally in the Portland Metro Area. The process is simple first you schedule your free no obligation estimate if you agree to the price we give you for the items you have we simple make your junk disappear and relocate it to an appropriate new home such as a recycling center or donation programs. Let us know how we can help you.

2 thoughts on “Junk Removal Customers

  1. They were extremely fast at removing my construction debris. They were also very thorough, making sure to get everything. Pleasant workers who do a great job.

  2. What they said they could do they did
    They were great. They were very freindly
    I would recommend them to any one. We have started to downsize, and had alot of junk, 20 plus years worth. We still have more, after we sort thru it we’ll have them remove it. They are alot better then 1800junk. I couldn’t ask for anymore. Once angain thank you, you guys were awrsome!!!!

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