How to recycle your couch

For a lot of Oregonians figuring out what to do with a couch you no longer need may seem like a headache but that will soon change after reading this post.

First step into How to properly get rid of your junked couch is to give Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal a call and have them come out and remove your Couch before your new furniture is delivered.

Step two requires you two simply point to the item being removed so that Uncle Johnny’s crew can size up the item and provide you with the best estimate possible, pricing is based on volume and how much space your item takes up in our Service truck.

Final step is to watch Uncle Johnny’s crew load up your Couch and drive away to the nearest or most convenient donation center where it will be repurposed.

Give Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal a call, we are always on the other end waiting to help.

Fact is there are many ways to properly dispose of your old furniture. Of course recycling is our favorite but there is also re-purposing, selling and of course donating them. The true issue here is that many people are unaware of these options.

More than likely we have all seen that ugly random couch left out on the side of the street or in your apartment complex trash area. Not only is that illegal in most states, it’s also unsightly and hazardous. Obviously not the best way to get rid of your old furniture.

Americans spend over $120 billion on new furniture every year. Now this leads to a vast amount of “old”, or discarded furniture as a result along the way. People do not have the desire to keep or hold on to their old junk around, figuring out what to do with their unwanted items jumps straight to the top of their priority list.

Getting rid of old furniture and junk items does not need to be stressful. That is why going with an eco-friendly junk removal company is very important. Not only do you get to sit back and point to what you want to disappear, you receive the peace of mind knowing that your furniture will be properly disposed of by either donating, recycling, re-purposing, re-sale, and finally hauled of to the transfer station.

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