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Let us handle the junk removal, and you can enjoy the peace and space you deserve.

Uncle Johnny’s Junk Removal and it’s expert team ensures hassle-free disposal, leaving your home clutter-free and refreshed.


Uncle Johnny's Junk Removal offers exceptional junk removal services that swiftly eliminate clutter.

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Items We Do & Don't Take

Hazardous material such as wet paints and chemicals are some of the items we do not take.


Junk Removal Costs

Discover how to save on junk removal costs with Uncle Johnny's expert tips and competitive pricing.

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Family is not an important thing. It's everything.

Our comprehensive junk removal services cater to all your clutter-clearing needs. From household cleanouts to renovation debris, we specialize in removing a wide range of items that have overstayed their welcome. Our expert team handles furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, construction debris, and much more. We’re committed to efficient and eco-friendly disposal, ensuring your space is left clean and organized. Say goodbye to the hassle of clutter, and let us help you reclaim your space today.

Amy Wusz October 14, 2020

I had an awesome experience using this junk removal company. They cleaned out my house and garage in a timely manner. Excellent service for getting rid of debris and other household waste around the house.


Uncle Johnny's were incredible. They were fast, polite and professional. My wife and I were also extremely happy that they planned to donate as much as possible. Even the receipt came fast. Thanks guys for the help.

BrokenMortal January 3, 2019

I searched for hrs looking for a way to knock down my old shed and dispose of it until these guys came up I gave them a call they came out that same morning and did a wonderful job in the sun i'm going to have them come back out to haul away my hot tub!

jorge perez April 20, 2019

fast, reliable and affordable, good personality and professionalism.

Martin Moreno August 30, 2019

Punctual, professional, thorough, and fair pricing. These guys got rid of a full room of stuff that our tenant left behind... it was a big room, and they got the job done in under an hour! Thanks, guys!

Jenny Sheets April 23, 2022

Fast! Great service and very convenient for cleaning out old clutter

Carlee Mercado February 19, 2018

Choose Uncle Johnny's, you won't regret it. After several months of trying to find a new home for our old piano, even posting it for free, trying to donate it to a church and several different piano restoration charities, we understood that we needed have it hauled away. I called Uncle Johnny's junk removal. They were professional, they were on time, actually they arrived 10 minutes early, and their quote was reasonable. I feel like they went the extra mile because there was a project car blocking the piano from the exit of the garage and they helped me push the vehicle out of the garage to make enough room for the piano removal and then helped me push the vehicle back into the garage. They didn't need to do that but it was so nice that they did. If you are looking for a junk removal service for your things, definitely, absolutely choose Uncle Johnny's. They're good people. They do a good job. Choose Uncle Johnny's, you won't regret it.

Krisztina Lackey November 11, 2020

Great local service. Fast, reasonably priced, courteous, Johnny is a good guy.

David Griggs January 15, 2020

Amazing team and great customer satisfaction! Highly recommend going with them. They will give you the best price available.

MAICOL SANTOS September 7, 2019

I love finding a small new business hungry to do a great job at a good price. That is what I discovered using Johnny's Junk Removal. They are polite and get the job done fast. I do hope they recycle as much as possible or find second hand use for things that would otherwise be put in a land fill.

Hoot June 1, 2018

These guys were so fast and professional. They loaded everything in about 20 minutes! I called them at 5:15pm for same day pick up and they were there by 5:45pm....they beat me home! I totally recommend them for junk removal. Great job guys!!!!

Dionne F. June 6, 2019

Uncle Jonny's crew is always on time and prompt to help! I used their service twice and don't regret.

Ana Braghetta July 13, 2019

I cannot recommend Uncle Johnny's more. I love that they do all they can to avoid sending items to the landfill. They came out for a quote the same day I called, were priced fairly, and had everything loaded up in about 20 minutes. We will be calling again!

Lydia Harness July 23, 2019

We were able to haul away our old mattress thanks to Uncle Johnny's Junk Removal and Hauling at a very reasonable price.

Jose Aguilar January 22, 2021

Called for a quote and ended up having everything i wanted gone within the same hour! Very nice, professional, and efficient

J Star January 26, 2019

Friendly staff! Great prices, and quick removal, Uncle Johnny’s will be my #1 choice for any type of junk removal in the future again 👌🏾

Anais Medina February 17, 2022

I had these wonderful young men come out because I needed to get rid of all our unwanted furniture and appliances so that I can have the new ones delivered. They are very personable and professional. Let me just add that they were really fast at getting back to me this morning which relieved me of a whole lot of stress. I will be calling if and when the need arrives.

Tracy Bach September 20, 2019

They were punctual and did a very efficient job. They gave us a quote in less than a minute and the trash was moved in less than 15 minutes. They even picked up paper that was lying around. Impressive job! Would highly recommend.

Rance Rodrigues November 22, 2020

Great curbside service for an affordable price! The crew is helpful and pleasant to work with.

Sarah Miller March 2, 2021